Stuc Pierre® by Plâtres Vieujot

Stuc Pierre® by Plâtres Vieujot is a traditional gypsum lime plaster formulated to emulate limestone (or brick). It is a plastering technique for the imitation of Ashlar stone derived from a mix of gypsum plaster, hydrated lime and pulverized aggregate of the original stone to be imitated.

Treatments such as washing, brushing, burnishing or sanding can be successively used to achieve desired effects. For the cutting of joints a traditional railroad tool or Chemin de Fer is used. Joints can be left open in an Ashlar pattern or refilled with uncolored material to give a mortar effect.

Developed by 19th century French plaster manufacturer
Plâtres Vieujot, Stuc Pierre
® can be used to create rich, sensuous finishes of superior durability as found throughout numerous public European architectural treasures. "La Jocanda", or Mona Lisa, located in the Salle des Etats at the Louvre, is mounted on a traditional Stuc Pierre® support.
Stuc Pierre® by Plâtres Vieujot is available in versions for use as a traditional render, decorative veneer, or for casting of mouldings and ornamental accents.
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